The fire is currently affecting nearly 1,500 acres of pasture land, brush, eucalyptus and pine trees, making it harder to extinguish.

Google partners Uber on driverless cars Google has formed a coalition with carmakers and taxi-hailing companies to help steer the regulations needed to make self-drive cars a reality. Including Ford, Volvo, Uber and Lyft, it will lobby lawmakers and regulators on some of the legal barriers. Former US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration official David Strickland will be its spokesman. The coalition also aims to convince the public of the benefits of driverless cars. “Self-driving technology will enhance public safety and mobility for the elderly and disabled, reduce traffic congestion, improve environmental quality, and advance transportation efficiency,” the group said in a statement.

What should doctors say, for example, to a 46-year-old man coming in for a routine physical checkup just before going on vacation with his family who, though he feels in perfect health, is found to have a form of cancer that will casause him to die within six months?

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