Look around my work desk, They are all coding. Except me. I’m not trying to say how lazy I am. But I just want show you guys my opinions.

Work is not just about writing code for your companies. But also you should upgrade yourself always. Then you can give your companies a feedback.

As what I always do is only satisfied with the basic requirement. And do more time for upgrading yourself. It can be skill, language, thought and etc.

As what I’m doing now it above. It totally change my life. Whether salary or thought, even more humanity. Although sometimes you were think you might guilty to your companies. Don’t be, think that in some future’s day, You must can feedback it. Just because your skill is more and more powerful.

But in reality, I’ve seen many people just focus about companies performance, work very hard and often overworking until midnight. As my opinion, it’s not necessary, because if you use your time to improve your skill, then maybe your work will be more easier to you, and you’ll spend less time on it. And have more time to improve your skill. It’s a loop. It’s much benefited.

Yes. This is what I want to show you in this article. It’s my way, hope you can learn something from it, and make the best decision of yours.